Electricity and energy situation is one of the rigorous and perpetual issues of masses being faced countrywide for every class living in Pakistan. Whether it’s elite class, upper class, middle class or lower class, some are annoyed with its absence and load shedding, while others are displeased with its presence and paying heavy bills. There is a massive difference between the demand and supply; multiple reasons are involved in halt and flow; outdated equipment, management, failure in recovery, lack of responsibility and many other reasons. Each passing year brings a new headache of abjuration and increases in the Tariff, but unfortunately, the customers are still experiencing the hide and seek.However, to counter the halt of electricity,

customers installed generators in their houses. They considered this the ultimate solution of electricity presence. Still, again a significant failure of methane gas was encountered, and customers are now beating their heads facing a low amount of flow in the pipelines and sometimes even a gas halt. In winters, the customers kindle the stove in their rooms to get warmth, but sometimes they forget to extinguish the stoves, which endanger the lives in case of halt and flow. Besides, customers are bothered by the heavy bills, an annual increase in unit charges, and the multiplication formula applied as long as it exceeds one unit. Moreover, according to the contemporary situations and consistency in the increasing chargers of electricity and gas, it is expected that shortly, even the upper middle class would not be able to pay the heavy bills. A big surge in prices will occur to the electricity, gasoline and sui-gas in the upcoming years. The world has moved on towards the technological advancements and discoveries of less expensive life standards, which save the community from getting poisoned and have also created new and easy measures to get rid of the extra burdens. Therefore, it is more important to educate ourselves and flow with an updated version of the world and life. Thus, voltric private limited company has introduced an ecosystem friendly and a brand new idea of the solar system and brought a solution to fix the problem of your electricity and heavy paying bills. Voltric has been working for a couple of years on a national level to eradicate the darkness of your houses. By the grace of God, voltric has a strong portfolio and has done multiple successful projects in a short time and reasonable cost. Moreover, the company provides the best services countrywide, installing a one-time investment solar system in houses, shops, offices and everywhere you need. Voltric has earned a massive name intending to acquire the utmost customer satisfaction level. Voltric never compromises customer satisfaction as well as quality. We are known for the quality and services provided. So, don’t waste your time and money. We are offering our services and quality equipment and helping you to eradicate your electricity problems and a significant reduction in your monthly expenses. So, release yourselves from the cuffs of a bound billing life and live an easy, comfortable, independent and stress-free life.