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Are you considering solar solution for your business? Fill in the details beneath and let us help you explore your solar potential based on your expected output, savings and payback time. Our Sales Engineers could visit your site to help assess the site’s orientation, size and shading of the roof.

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Voltric believes that renewable energy is the way to sustainable energy future. Solar generates a depedable, a cleaner energy supply and helps hedge against fuel price hikes, power outages and their theft. Additionally, an on-grid solar plant let’s you do away with high tarrif rates for peak hours making it an effective choice for industarial applications with high energy consmuption.

Every hour the sun beams energy onto earth to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year.

In Pakistan, the use of solar energy has surged over the past year due to rapidly falling prices and gains in efficiency. Various manufucturing industries have chosen Voltric to meet their daily energy needs.


Solar Power System- Financing Options:

To meet the financing needs of the project, our financing experts conduct a financial feasibility and assist you in understanding the various options and associated advantages of solar energy available.

Why choose Voltric?

Voltric has a good reputation in the market, We operate in renewable energy with the aim to get 100% customer satisfaction. We are known for our quality services.

We are the Solar Energy specialists driven to create an affordable and a clean energy future for residential, commercial and industarial sectors in the region.

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