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Voltric (Pvt) Ltd is the fastest-growing company in Pakistan and has been successful in creating a footprint all over Pakistan with clients from residential, commercial and industarial segments.

Voltric (Pvt) Ltd, has designed, supplied, supervised & commissioned the following projects

25KW project at district court Hangu


Total System Capacity : 25KW

Number of Solar Panels : 58

Solar Panel Type : 440W-MONO PERC

Inverter Size : 5X5KW

Battery Back-Up : Yes

15KW project of Dr.Shaukat


Project type: Hybrid PV System

Total System Capacity : 15KW

Number of Solar Panels : 28

Type of PV module: Mono Perc half cut cell 440 watt tier-1 panel

Inverter Size : 3X5KW

Battery Back-Up : Yes

Net-Metering : Yes

10KW project of Colonel Shoaib


Project type: On-Grid System

Total System Capacity : 10KW

Number of Solar Panels : 22

Type of PV module: Mono Perc half cut cell 440 watt Tier-1 panel

Inverter Size : 2X5KW

Net-Metering : Yes

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