The State Bank of Pakistan has initiated Solar Financing Pakistan, under which you can get 500,000PKR to 10Millions PKR for your solar energy system. To become less dependent on grid and produce your own electricity,
Solar Financing Pakistan offer Solar financing solution to residential, commercial and industrial units across Pakistan. It will make our people independent in electricity production and will help them grow their business to new heights.
Further it is a comprehensive solution from financing to installation of complete solar PV system. The Solar PV system ranges from 4KW to 100KW, at a highly subsidize mark-up rate annually.

The Solar Financing Pakistan has been initiated with the objective to encourage more and more people to use renewable by making it affordable. To achieve this objective the eligibility criteria has been kept very simple. Everyone will need to fulfill the following two requirements.

1: Must hold Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
2: Must be the owner of the house or business where the solar panel system is to be installed.

We are the Solar Energy specialists driven to create an affordable and a clean energy future for residential, commercial and industarial sectors in the region.